Dalia group located at Barandipara Mathpara, Jessore and has total 24 members. The group formed in 2011. Afterwards the formation of group, team members discuss issues relating to women rights, women empowerment, stop violence against women and child, prevention of child marriage, dowry at group meeting and come forward taking initiative to solve local problems. Group members do actively participate during the meeting. They jointly take initiative to solve violence occurred in group members’ family as well as protest torture happened outside in the group members’ families led by Shahida and Sumi. Many of the people know about the good social activities of this group.

A woman named Amena lives at Mathpara area. She is frequently harassed and tortured by her husband. Tarek-husband of Amena along with two offspring sent off to her father’s house at the time of torture. The father in law’s house of Amena is at Boubazar of Barandipara. Amena herself took initiative to go back husband’s house. But her husband decided to divorce at once. Amena already knew about the group activities that work for promoting women rights, create awareness on violence against women and provide legal support. She came along with his problem to discuss and to talk with Sumi-secretary and other group members about this. Sumi discussed the issues at group meeting and asked participants to assist Amena. After discussion, they decided to talk with Amena’s husband. According to decision, group members Shiuly, Sahida and Noyon led by Sumi went to Amena’s father in law’s house at Boubazar, Barandipara for discussion. They talked with Tarek and his mother and requested not to divorce Amena. But Tarek has strong decision to divorce Amena. Since the problem being not solved upon discussion with husband, they decided to discuss about the issue at cluster meeting. As decided at cluster meeting, they would discuss about the issue with local representative and if required they would convene Shalish (arbitration) meeting to solve the problem. They also decided that delegates of community forum and local distinguished persons would attend the forth coming Shalish (arbitration) meeting. To the decision, the arbitration was held at Tuesday, 5 pm on November 15, 2017. In the arbitration meeting, representatives of group & cluster committee, community forum and Shakil Ahmed, councilor of 1 no ward were attended. Upon hearing the discussion of two sides, attended all members requested Tarek to bring back Amena along with two offspring in the family. But Amena’s husband informed the house not to maintain family life with her. Attended all participants requested Tarek to obey the decision taken in the arbitration meeting. They became angry when Amen’s husband disagreed. They decided unanimously that if her husband would divorce her then they would assist Amena to take legal action and file complaint at police station. Later Tarek agreed to maintain family life with Amena upon seeing unanimous decision and unity of all and promised that he would bring back Amena in his family. Amena’s husband understood his wrongdoing and asked forgiveness in the arbitration. In future, he would not do this type of behavior and torture against Amena- said in the meeting. Local people think, Amena has able to go back to her family with the initiatives taken by the group. Amena also thinks so. Now she is in good situation.