There is a women group named Samakal women group that is located at Pagladah area, Jashore. IED jashore runs awareness program with that women group. The group members are vibrant to take initiatives to make protest against injustices and inconsistencies being occurred in the areas or group members’ family. Shiuly, one of the group members married off her daughter Swapna at

Jhumurpur. Ripon, husband of Swapna is a mason by occupation. Their marriage life is about 8 years. Swapna has one boy child. She managed a work at Ahad jute mill after marriage. She was contributing her income to the family. One year after the marriage her husband became addicted to drug and started physical and mental torture on Swapna. As the day went on, the level torture was increasing. Finding no other way, she became bound to resign from the mill work as her husband made bad suspicion and cruel torture. It is noted here that her monthly income was Tk 13000/- at the time of resigning the job. But the torture on Swapna was not stopped. She often helplessly went to father’s home. Her mother raised this issue with Shiuly group members of Samakal many times and took initiative to settle down the problem taking support from other group members but situation did not improve.

Torture by her husband was so severe that she forced to go to her mother, pagladah. Her mother discussed about this with the members of Samakal group. Then a meeting was organized with group members urgently. In that meeting, Rehena Hoque, member of Sworolipi women group and president of community forum were attended. They also requested IED to remain present in the meeting. The issue was discussed intensively in the meeting and decided that a case to be filed against her husband at Jashore thana. Then secretary Najma, member Rikta and Moni Swapna took Swapna at sadar hospital for health checkup. They went to police station and filed case against her husband Ripon upon completion of medical test. Then Abdul Matin, sub inspector of Kotowali police station received complain. Firstly Abdul Matin made investigation going to Swapna’s father in law’s house and found the validity. Firsty, it is decided to convene arbitration meeting and meeting is held at Kotowali police station with the initiative taken by sub inspector Abdul Matin. In the meeting, Abdul Matin, sub inspector, group leader & secretary of Samakal, guardian of Swapna, delegate of IED Jashore centre and Ripon, husband of Swapna along with his guardians. Upon knowing complain of both sides, and had long discussion. Then it was mitigated with the decision to live together and her husband promised not to make any torture against Swapna. The decision of the meeting was ended with happy mood and a paper was made taking signature of all attendees. Now Swapna is in good situation. Janoudyog Jashore and Mr. Rakonudowlla, senior reporter of daily Sangbad, Jashore extended necessary cooperation to organize this arbitration meeting.