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Strengthening the voice of human rights defenders to protect rights and entitlements of ethnic minor

The two year EIDHR project funded by European Union through Oxfam and implemented by IED, has created scope for indigenous people to mobilize through creating human rights defenders, organize public hearing on human rights issues of Indigenous Peoples and minorities, organize fact finding visit with civil society members where minorities are oppressed, providing training on land rights and land management for CBO and customary leaders, organize national level workshop on free and fair voting rights of indigenous peoples and minorities, lobby meeting with local service providers, support to strengthening the action of National Parliamentary Caucus on Indigenous Affairs and many other activities so that indigenous peoples voice reached, heard and government and policy makers sensitized towards the concern of indigenous peoples.

Overall objective: Strengthening voice and action of civil society to protect and promote human rights and entitlements for ethnic minorities and dalit community in Bangladesh

Specific objective 01: To establish the greater networking of the ethnic minorities and dalits communities to raise their voice and uphold the rights and entitlements from local to national level

Specific objective 02: To support the existing movement of civil societies to create greater voice and sensitize government on dalit and ethnic communities human rights issues and entitlements as per national and international human rights policies and protocols

Result 1: The indigenous people lead organizations are more active and united to mobilize the local community linking with national movement.

Result 2: The existing Civil Society Movements collectively and continuously promoting rights and entitlements aspect of the targeted communities.

Result 3: Government service providers are more sensitive to ensure rights and entitlement of targeted communities.

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