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Harmonize the Actions against Inequalities and Oppression of Rights (HAOR)

IED is implementing the Harmonize the Actions against inequalities and Oppression of Rights (HAOR) project funded by Manusher Jonno Foundation in Mohanganj and Barhatta upazilas of Netrokona district since April 2007. The goal of the project is Enhancing accountability and responsiveness of local government institutions for ensuring rights of poor and vulnerable segments of the society in Haor- the geographically hard to reach areas in the North-East region of Bangladesh. The 1st of the project is successfully completed by March 2010. The 2nd phase of the project is running for another 3 years from April 2010 to March 2013. The beneficiary or primary target group is poor, vulnerable and marginalized people specially women of the project working areas. The secondary target groups will be the middle income and the rich, youth, school teachers, professionals, local level influential persons, cultural activists and other opinion makers from ward, union and upazila level. The budget of the 2nd phase of the project is Taka 10874870 only.

IED is implementing the project in 10 unions of Mohonganj and Barhatta upazilas in Netrakona district. The project was designed taking into account the two development thinking- Empowering of the poor, vulnerable and marginalised people specially women to address their social-economic-environmental problems or challenges through their voice raising and claiming and accessing of public services and resources as their rights. The intermediary groups at different tiers will form and functioning in providing support to the initiative of the primary targets groups and in influencing and advocating in favour of them to make the Union Parishad and front line public line agencies more responsive in service delivery. On the other hand, capacity building of the local government units particularly Union Parishads so that elected representatives and officials become more sensitised, responsive, accountable and transparent in providing the services and resources towards the poor, vulnerable and marginalised people specially women.

It is expected that about 11000 households will be directly benefitted through implementing the project in this area. Approximately around 74000 peoples will get indirect benefit for implementing a good number of community driven initiatives and capacity building of local government institutions particularly Union Parishads.

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