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Promoting Rights and Empowerment through Initiative of People (PREIP)

IED has selected the need based project based on the long experience which is ‘Promoting Rights and Empowerment through Initiative of People (PREIP)’ with an aim to improve the status of women, minorities and other disadvantaged people economically, socially and culturally. During the three years (2011-2014) project we have expected the following objectives.

  • To empower the women in order to actively participate in the decision making process at the family to community  so that they are able to negotiate their interests in order to improve their livelihoods
  • To enhance the capacities of women to be included in the various local level committees in order to ensure access to the local level government facilities
  • To activate and strengthen the local and national level civil society networks in order to deal with burning issues related to ethnic and religious minorities rights and environment.


Community based activities are being implemented in the Jessore and Mymensingh, where IED intervened for the last 7 years. In Jessore 9 wards of the municipality and 3 adjacent unions and in Mymensingh 14 wards of the municipality have been covered.

Besides, People Initiative (JanoUddyog) program is being implemented at the national level, other plain land minority and environmental concerned areas in Chittagong, Khulna, Rajshahi and Gaibandha, Jessore, Mymensingh, Netrokona and Dhaka districts.

The major focuses of the project are to raise awareness among the grassroots poor women and community people for women empowerment. Provide skills to the girl youth for creating scope for employment. Analytical skills development of the students through organizing programs on debate.

IED successfully implementing the project as per the plan with a view to achieve the above mentioned objectives. Development is a long process and takes long time to get the result oriented impact. This project was commenced in July 2008. The financial assistance is being provided by EED- Germany

Towards achieving those, women groups have been formed and there are three major areas of activities with the groups those are: Women groups for empowerment and livelihood; Community forums and social mobilization; Promoting Peoples Initiatives – Janouddyog.

The grassroots level activities of the project are being implemented in Mymensingh and Jessore districts. Advocacy and lobbying activities are carrying out at 8 districts and national levels.

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