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Voter and Civic Education and Election Monitoring Programs

The project was structured in combination of voter and civic rights education, advocacy on election reform, voter registration process and domestic election monitoring activities funded by The Asia Foundation.  A study was conducted on “Electoral Process of Bangladesh” and a report was published.

Election observation conducted in Union Parishad Election 2003, Sylhet City Corporation 2008, National Parliament Election 2008, Upazilla Parishad Election 2009 and Chittagong City Corporation Election 2010, Comilla and Narayangonj city corporation and UP election in 2011and 2012. IED’s performance can be found below:


Area Covered

Observer  mobilized

Comilla City Corporation Election 2012

14 polling centres

10 observers

UP election

237 unions of 81 Upazillas in10 districts

5 observers for each union

Narayangonj City Corporation

Election 2011         

13 polling centres

Under 8 wards

10 observers

Bi-Election Hobigonj-1 and

Bramhanbaria-3, 2011

Mobile observation

10 observers

Chittagong City Corporation Election 2010

310 polling centers under 28 Wards

350 observers and 14 long term observers

Upazilla Election 2009

703 polling centers in 20 Upazillas under 8 Districts

1406 observer and 5 partner organizations

National Parliament Election 2008

26 Constituencies

12260 observers and 22 partner Organizations

Sylhet City Corporation Election 2008

719 Centers under
 14 Ward

350 observers and 13 long term observer


Besides, IED took part in the voter registration procedures in 2007-08 in 480 unions of 44 Thana in 25 Districts under 56 constituencies and also published 3 posters for mass awareness building. IED was also involved in voter registration update program in 2009 in 58 Upazilla under 10 districts.

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