If poverty prevails in the family, it is difficult for the family members to think about the change in their life. But Rima Akter is exception who was born in 1992 at Charpara area of Mymensingh municipality. From her childhood, she thought to bring change of the condition & position of self and surrounding people. The name of Rima’s parents is Abdul Hakim and Achia Begum. Her father was a rickshaw puller and mother housewife. Together they are two brothers and one sister. Her parents could not send Rima’s elder brother to school due to the poverty. Rima’s uncle came forward at the time when her study was supposed to stop and gave shelter at his home and provided educational expenses. Then she got through education up to 10 classes successfully with hardship. Afterwards, her study was stopped due to deterioration of uncle’s financial condition. Then Rima was married off with Md. Arif Hossain- ambulance driver in 2010. She gave birth of a daughter child within the year after her marriage. She became mother of second daughter child again. Once Rima dreamed that one day she would become prosper and make big job, which was torn apart immediately.  She guides her children to become educated keeping buried dreams of herself.  But she did not keep her captive in the family. Hence, she wants to explore herself as social worker in the society. Bearing this dream, she got involved with micro credit program with a NGO CDC in 2011. At first, husband and family retard her but convinced them and finding the way out to fulfill her dream.

In the year of 2014, Staffs of IED Mymensingh centre visited Charpara area and discussed about programs of IED and felt happy hearing this inspiring news as she was well informed about the condition of women. She views the helpless position and status of women in family and society that excited her to move for change. With this realization, she moved to organize women in one platform. She formed women group consisted of 20 women. The name of the group is Malotiy and Rima was selected as leader. She learnt from IED’s awareness sessions that nobody can do only familial and social work rather requires good leadership embedded with honest mentality. She strives to make herself as successful leader receiving leadership training from IED. In order to enhance skill, she got involved with NGO forum in 2015. She received training on leadership development & credit function from CDC and health, reproductive rights, fire services etc from NGO forum.   She also received 6 days training on earthquake emergency search and rescue from CBDM Asia in 2017 in China. She managed to organize skill development training for 30 women involving with different NGOs including IED at Charpara. Rima led development work implemented by CDC at charpara that include installment of 6 tube wells and construction of 21 toilets, road, cover of drain and footpath. Rima is not the name only that foster infrastructure development, it also aware people on ill effect of early marriage, violece against women and deterred successfully in the areas. She led financial donation collection effort organizing group members of Maloti when anyone gets sick and manages treatment for patient. She has to encounter numerous hurdles including adverse comments of reactionary people. But she did not stop rather working for the development of people crossing all odds with smiling face effortlessly. The local councilor is happy to associate her with the 10 member ward committee of 14 no ward. Rima is everyone’s favorite face in her area. She has fulfilled much of her dream into reality. Rima wants to make her two girls highly educated. Also, to take the society especially women on more advanced level, she would like to dedicate herself. Rima- a very well known face is regarded as person of inexhaustible will ‍and vital power in her area. One thing that Rima has proved is that one does not have to spend lot of times in order to express herself for the society and world. If anyone devoted to honesty and work, some can live with people’s love in a very short time.