Jannatul Ferdous Liza is a women who comes first to assist poor people to help against any kind of problem affecting women in that area. She lives in a colony of Bashbari of Mymensingh municipality. The name of her father is Md. Ziaul Hoque and mother Mst. Shahan Begum.  Liza belongs to third position among her two brothers and two sisters.  She was born in 1993. Now she is 23 years old. Her education qualification is SSC. To her opinion, as she was defendant from early childhood, but incapable to protest.  She did not know the language and approach to protest and felt afraid of any comments from behind. In this circumstance, she came across to IED. Now she is the secretary of IED organized women group-Krishnachura. She has overcome the barriers of uneasiness gradually by attending women group meeting regularly. Meanwhile, she started to move outside for attending different activities. She searched out the aspiring institutions that provide services to the poor and got introduced with the institutions. In this way she became courageous. She maintains frequent contact with IED when any women or child fall into trouble and try to resolve the problem taking suggestion from IED and women group as well.

Here is one important example of Liza that we can share. Last May, she stood besides Bilkich, a hardcore poor girl of Bashabaria at the time of her difficult time. Bilkich, daughter of late Rustum Ali, Bashbaria area married off with rickshaw puller, Badal Mia, Baliur village of Trishal in 2004. Badal Mia along with Bilkich has to stay at Bashbaria area in Mymensingh after marriage. There, they became parents of two children. The ages of their elder and younger boys are 7 and 5 years respectively. Badal Mia married again without informing his wife after passing 12 years of conjugal life. He starts physical and mental torture to Bilkich after his second marriage. Then he was living at Baliura village with second wife left away Bilkich along with two children. Poor mother of Bilkich and elder sisters tried to communicate with Badal Mia to fix their problem but failed to do that. Finding no other way out, they seek assistance from IED with cooperation of Liza to communicate with advocate with Maya Sultana for solving the problem in legal way. Advocate Maya Sultana with cooperation with Liza make communication with national lawyers’ assistance association and send legal notice to Shahana’s husband. Gradually Badal Mia agrees to pay cost of Shahana and promises that he would get back his wife to home again. Liza keeps this all matters under her surveillance. 

She always stands besides neighbor who aspires to seek doctor, filling case in court, to visit municipality and mayor or councilor to get services.  Also, Liza maintains warm relation which helps poor community people to avail services from them. She is grateful to IED and felt content to serve the people. She said that by attending various awareness meetings, seminars, and skill based training assisted her to develop my instinct. She dreams that one day she will be solvent financially and to assist the poor people in future.