Janoudyog: People’s initiatives

Janoudyog (Peoples Initiative) is a platform of people with different backgrounds, which has particular emphasis to react spontaneously in resisting the demolishing of social, natural and human environment. The main theme of Janoudyog is ‘People would be organised to identify problems on environmental issues of their own locality and would take necessary effort to solve them.’ People’s Initiative is our social heritage as it is a joint initiative with community and stakeholders. It is concern for positive changes of the society. This integrated initiatives works for protection of environment (social, natural & human) of the country. So we call it as a unified citizen’s actions for betterment of society.

Janoudyog was formed in Dhaka by a group of civil society activists and different occupation from all over the country on 10 July 2003.

Why Janoudyog
  • Our heritage of citizen’s actions
  • Practiced at community level for long time
  • Process of civil actions as it was practiced in ancient villages
  • Participatory planning & implementation process
  • Defining issues by themselves
  • Non-formal learning process

Janoudyog is very much flexible in achieving its goal and objectives. It patronizes persons or organisations of any area from behind who wants to work on environmental issues. The platforms formed in different areas in Bangladesh by community people where Janoudyog works as a catalyst providing information and advice. The people formed the platform, have the right to choose its name; it is their own decision on which issue they will work, how and when. JU never hold up them in selection of issues, strategy or implementation. At the same time they are not provided with any monetary support. Resources are collected locally to implement programmes.

There are many persons and organisations of different levels involve with JU initiatives. In national level there are Poet, Teacher, Lawyer, Environment Specialist, Social and Cultural Activists, Journalists and persons from different occupation and Youths are actively engage with Janoudyog. Different citizen organisations in Dhaka like Paribesh Bachao Andolon (Poba), Sampreety Mancha, Jangibad Birodhi Mancha, Dhanmondi Paribesh Unnayon Jote, Greenforce, Shikkha Adhikar Forum are the working partners of Janoudyog. More over, important peoples and organisations of different areas of the country are engaged in the multi dimensional activities.

  • Individuals
  • Social and Cultural Activists
  • Youths
  • Women
  • Grassroots people
  • People from hard to reach areas
  • Academic institutions
  • CBOs
  • NGOs
  • GOs
  • Other members of the Civil Society
Implementation Area

Country wide – 23 districts, 6 divisions and Hard to Reach Areas

Style of Actions
  • Meeting
  • Workshop
  • Dialogue
  • Seminar
  • FGD
  • Rally
  • Human chain
  • Procession
  • Hunger strike
  • Campaign
  • Quick Response
  • Press conference/briefings
  • Lobbying