At present Arju earns Tk. 1000/- (one thousand) monthly from her tailoring profession. She is the member of Samata women group of Kristopur area under Mymensingh municipality. She was born in 1992 and her father’s name is Md. Ajil Mia and mother is Najma Begum. Currently she is 26 years old. She is the eldest among her 6 siblings. She was married off with Manik Hossain at the age of 13 in the poverty stricken family. Her husband is a day labor in Mymensingh town. She gave birth of 2 daughters and 1 boy child in her family. Her elder and younger daughters study at class VI and I respectively. But her boy child was dead after birth. Her husband earns monthly Tk. 4500/-. They encounter hardship to maintain the cost of family covering educational expenses of two daughters.

In 2016, she came to know the programs of IED that the organization works for the betterment of backward women. Not only that the organization also provides various skill based training to women. Then she became motivated and involved herself at IED organized group. She took part at the all programs of IED actively including group meeting and market extension group meeting. She realized that if women make income then their social status will be better than the present position and would bring better financial solvency in the family. Receiving training on skill development, leadership development and market extension from IED, she started work and has become self reliant. She has bought tailoring machine and started work at her home. Now she is contributing financially in the family besides her husband’s income.  She is also contributing to bear educational expenditure of her daughters. Not only that she dreams, one day she will be able to create employment for other women in the area. She quoted, `as I have got free training on tailoring from IED, I would like to provide free training and give tailor machine to other women.’ Arju has not lost her will power even under very hardships. Now she has become self reliant women by her own initiatives. She acknowledges with gratitude that if she would not get introduced with and assisted from IED, then change would never happen in her life and not possible to establish herself as self confident women. She also acknowledges that she came to know many things upon coming across with IED which helped her immensely. IED played a pivotal role in creating a breakthrough in her life.