Razia is the daughter of Khalilur Rahman, a poor farmer, lived in Premchar village of Jessore district. She is the member of IED organized women group member from the beginning of Shastitola group in Jessore. Her father became bound to get her married when she was the student of class X with Mr. Abdul mazid living in Shastitola. After marriage she passed Secondary School Certificate Examination. Due to poverty she could not continue her study. Then she came to Jessore town and took a job with very low salary under one business man who had a business to supply materials to Jessore Army Cantonment. She realized that income of the family to be increased for survival. Income of one person of her family was not enough for survival. Then she decided to become tailor and received tailoring training. But she could not manage tailoring machine. So, she could not start the tailoring work. Then she started private teaching of the school students in the junior classes and started to make small savings. Her husband became seriously ill. She fell in the problem because of illness of her husband. At that time, her one son was studying in class four. By this time she became member of IED organized women group. Finding no other way, she discussed her condition with group members in the group meeting. Then the group members informed her about the tailoring training would be provided under government District Council. The group advised to enroll in the training program. Then she joined and completed successfully. After completion of the training she took job in the local garments factory. As per the job nature, she used to stay in the factory for long time. As a result, she could not manage time for her son for education. So, she left the garments factory and took the opportunity to get loan with the support of IED staff and group members for purchasing tailoring machine and started private tailoring works alongside with private teaching of students. She provided hardship with her works and expanded it gradually. Now her income has been increased with substantial amount to maintain family expenses and education cost of her son as well.

She is very active member in the women group to provide leadership and support to other members for their survival and empowerment as well. She realized that economic empowerment of women is very important for women empowerment. Now, she is an example to inspire other women in that locality.