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Dr. HKS Arefeen, vice chairman of IED and convener of Janoudyog national committee, eminent intellectual, well reputed anthropologist, researcher, social activist and former professor, department of of anthropology, University of Dhaka passed away at evening on December 24, 2016 at his residence due to cardiac arrest. During the period of death, he was 69 years old. Dr. Arefeen left behind a daughter and a son and many well wishers.

We are deeply shocked of his untimely demise and pray for his eternal soul. Country has lost her versatile activist, founder of dynamic citizen movement & organizer. He was a dedicated soul, researcher and fighter to uphold rights of Adivasi, Dalit, women & Marginalized people.

He was the man of pluralistic thought and tireless preacher of this. His thought, research work and activities highly acclaimed different countries across the globe. He inspired our movement that promotes pluralistic thought immensely. His death is an irreparable loss for the country as he was one of the leading figures of society’s pluralistic movement.

We on behalf of Institute for Environment and Development (IED) show deep shock and pay respect to him. In the meantime, IED also pay deep homage towards his bereaved family. We anticipate that members of his family will overcome this shock gradually.

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