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Liza- a self reliant woman dedicated to humanity

Jannatul Ferdous Liza is a women who comes first to assist poor people to help against any kind of problem affecting women in that area. She lives in a colony of Bashbari of Mymensingh municipality. The name of her father is Md. Ziaul Hoque and mother Mst. Shahan Begum.  Liza belongs to third position among her two brothers and tw...Read More  

Life struggle of Razia

Razia is the daughter of Khalilur Rahman, a poor farmer, lived in Premchar village of Jessore district. She is the member of IED organized women group member from the beginning of Shastitola group in Jessore. Her father became bound to get her married when she was the student of class X with Mr. Abdul mazid living in Shastitola. A...Read More  

The case of Bimol Murmu

Bimol Murmu is a poor family member of Makrai village and hail from Birgonj sub-district under Dinajpur district. He could not pursue his education any more due to poor condition of his family even though wish to continue. He is elder among his two siblings. He appeared SSC examination in 2015 but result was not satisfactory level. His...Read More  

Seminar on May 18 uprising: Understanding the struggle for democracy in South Korea

Commemorating glorious May uprising in South Korea, Institute for Environment and Development (IED) organized a seminar today, May 18, 2017 titled on May 18 uprising: Understanding the struggle for democracy in South Korea at HKS Arefin Hall in Dhaka. A good number of participants comprising academician, social activist, students,...Read More  

TV talk show has created high sensitization among IPs and mainstream community

Indigenous peoples of plain land are gradually losing their grounds leaps and bounds. Abject poverty, high illiteracy, exist very few of political organizations among them and less state protection and positive discrimination in favor of them, lead their lives in despair and uncertainty. Most of the Adivasis depend on agriculture as a ...Read More  

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